Welcome to Re-Percussions and welcome to my passion in creating unique items of furniture.

I started this love of creating over 5 years ago when my desire to turn a High Tom drum beat my reluctance to condemn it to the dustbin! Since then I've been overwhelmed by family and friends requesting a huge range of lighting, tables, bars, coasters, lamps , pet beds........the list kept on growing!

So the idea was born and today I create so much more, in fact, I love nothing more than hearing from potential customers asking if an unused or treasured instrument can be crafted into something chic and debonair and given a new lease of life.

I believe in spending time on a project as well as an eye for detail before releasing it from my workshop. Each creation professionally handmade (with a little help from our two Jack Russells, Lester & Molly!) and checked thoroughly in preparation for it's new lease of life with that potential customer who would appreciate bespoke and unique.

For those with the same desire in local and handmade please feel free to scroll through my gallery because..........."When the music stops the creation begins".