Pet Beds

Everyone who has a cat or dog knows they hold a special place in our hearts and homes. And to give those special pets somewhere to chill when they've done all the running, walking, playing, eating and licking is our priority when creating a Re-Percussions Pet Bed.
Our personal inspiration for these desirable pet items came from our very own Jack Russell, Lester. He woke us up one night two years ago after our shower unit caught fire. Because of his heroic actions we are here to tell the tale.
Crafted from the largest of the drum sets, the bass drum is an ideal size to fit your pet for their relaxing hours of sleep and rest.
Each drum is cut, stripped, treated, painted and rebuilt. The bottom skin is retained to allow for hygienic cleaning, a solid wooden base is fitted along with four wood turned English oak feet to allow for an air flow beneath the bed and maintains the cold of a floor doesn't reach the pet.
There is a choice of several paint colours courtesy of "Little Knights Paints" of Northamptonshire. This fantastic company specialize in pet friendly paints guaranteeing no harm will come to your pet.
Our Pet Beds are now featured in an array of High Street and online magazines including "Take A Break", "Puppy Post" and "Posh Pets Los Angeles" courtesy of our pet bed Brand Ambassador - Leone Galler aka "romeo_reggie_adventures" of Instagram fame.
Pet Beds